Town of East Hampton, CT
20 East High Street, East Hampton, CT 06424
04/09/2009 Clean Energy Minutes
Town of East Hampton
Clean energy Task Force Regular Meeting
Thursday 4-9-09
Annex Building


Present: John Tuttle, Rob Boissenault, George Pfaffenbach, Dan Olson, Richard Pikulsi
             Tim Day

Absent: Paul Michaud

Call to order: 7:00pm
Approval of minutes  motion Mr. Pikulski
                                  2nd by Mr Pfaffenbach
                                  passed 6-0

Updates on  20% x 2010
                  Tuttle: PowerPoint Energy usage assessment on-going
                  Tuttle:  EPA Community Energy Challenge letter submitted
                  Olson:  Green zoning – will follow-up with more information at next meeting

Other business
                  Tuttle: Establishment of East Hampton Clean Energy Forum Series
                                     5/20 Geo-Thermal    
                                      6/17 Solar
                                     (Taken the summer off and re-start in Sept)
                  Tuttle: Tuttle to secure an enlarged town map for use as means to highlight
                              properties that have signed on for Clean Energy Option                           

Follow-up:   Olson – Review next steps for Zoning suggestions for EH re: Green
                    Olson – seek placement of CEO Town Map at Library
                    Boissenault – investigate Mirco Turbine

Adjournment  8:00pm