Town of East Hampton, CT
20 East High Street, East Hampton, CT 06424
10/25/2007 Design Review Special Mtg Minutes
Thursday, October 25, 2007

1 – Chairman Scott Hall called the meeting to order at 7:05pm

Present: Chairman Scott Hall, Vice Chairman Diana Marsh, Mary Ann Ciriello, Michael Allstadt, Gary Hall, Linda Axline, Kevin Burnham

Others: Recording Clerk, Denise Wojick

2 – Acceptance of minutes from October 2, 2007

A motion made by Kevin Burnham and seconded by Diana Marsh was made to accept minutes from October 2, 2007.  Vote: All in favor

3- Continued Discussion of Rules of Procedure

The Design Review Board is in the process of writing a Design Guidelines Handbook for the Town of East Hampton. Scott Hill received recommendations from a town architect, Mr. Mark Sawyer, on some recommended changes to the First Draft and submitted copies to the board members for review. There will be no discussion on these recommendations at this time.  

Scott recommends that everyone read the draft guidelines handbook and make recommendations and changes.  These comments should be emailed to Kevin Burnham who will compile everyone’s comments and track changes. All expertise will be brought to the table to critique language used in the guidelines. There were comments and recommendations made tonight on changing the verbiage of the guidelines.   It was decided that in order to expedite the process, each board member will submit their individual comments to Kevin who can them compile everyone’s recommendations and then be reviewed at the next meeting.

Diane Marsh will review the plan on conservation development.  All information that pertains to the board will be noted and shared at the next meeting.

Linda Axline has agreed to read through and note the Planning and Zoning regulations.  She will note and highlight everything that pertains to the committee. She will contact David Dodes to obtain a copy of these regulations.

The Board will need to define the Commercial areas of East Hampton.  Linda will review the Community Character with the library and pass on helpful information outlining what pertains to East Hampton and the Design Review Board.  All board members will review information available to try to identify the areas of East Hampton and their design and architectural characteristics.  Michael Allstadt suggested that the town is already divided per the town zoning   regulations and this would be a logical way of dividing up the town for purposes of defining the community character of each area.

Michael Allstadt shared an article on the history of Helen Georgia.  This article tells the story of how changing the character look of the town has brought visitors to the town and helped the economy. Gary Hall shared a mission statement “designing the future to honor the past”. Using this statement in the guideline handbook will be a great addition used under the character community.

Kevin Burnham handed out a copy of the Town of Wethersfield, CT Design Review Checklist.  The design board will review this checklist and use as a reference in the guidelines being worked on.

4 – Consider Liaisons to Town Agencies

A discussion took place on weather or not they should have liaisons with other town agencies.  At this time it was agreed that the board is too new and needs to concentrate on who they are and what they can offer before having liaisons with other commissions.  Some board members will attend meetings to familiarize themselves with what other town agencies discuss and work on before having liaisons.  Scott will contact Revon Harmon (chair of P &Z) and Charlie Nichols (chair of Zoning board of Appeals) to introduce the board and make contact in building their relationship between the different committees.

5- General Discussion of Duties and Responsibilities

Responsibilities were handed out for the handbook of guidelines as noted in section 3 of these minutes.

6- Other matters Pertinent to Design Review Boards Jurisdiction

Linda requested that her email address be update and submitted to Cathy.  Denise will make the change to the form and submit to Cathy.

7- Adjournment

A motion was made by Kevin Burnham and seconded by Michael Allstadt to adjourn meeting at 8:05pm
Vote; All in favor, Meeting Adjourned

Respectfully Submitted,
Denise Wojick, Recording Secretary