Town of East Hampton, CT
20 East High Street, East Hampton, CT 06424
12/15/2009 EDC Minutes
Town of East Hampton
Economic Development Commission
Regular Meeting
December 15, 2009
Eaton E. Smith Meeting Room – Town Hall
6:30 p.m.  


Present:  Chair Richard Leone (6:37 p.m.), Vice Chair Alan Pawlak, Kimberley Fontaine, Cindy Rooth. Jack Solomon
Also Present:   Jeffrey O’Keefe, Town Manager; Kerry Nielson, Director of Community and Environmental Planning;  Craig Stevenson and Chris Edge, Connected to Connecticut; Jennifer Carducci, Recording Secretary
Absent:  Todd Schrager, Dave Shulman

1.      Call to Order

Vice Chair Pawlak called this regular meeting to order at 6:35 p.m.  
2.      Approval of Minutes

        Ms. Rooth made a motion to approve the minutes of the November 17, 2009 meeting as written, seconded by Mr. Solomon, Vote:  Yes: 4, No: 0, motion carried.  

3.      Announcements – None

4.      Town Manager’s/Town Council Liaison/Community Dev. Director’s Report

Town Manager O’Keefe spoke to the Committee on the Town Council’s priorities for the next two years.  He mentioned that Chair Leone will be facilitating the Chamber Breakfast on January 6, 2010 at 8:00 a.m. at Angelico’s along with Mr. Carey and Mr. Motto.  The bids for the expansion of the senior are out.  
Chair Leone arrived at 6:37p.m.
Mr. O’Keefe received a letter from the State’s Tourism Board inquiring as to why East Hampton has not been involved.  Mr. Stevenson mentioned that the Board cannot do outreach to Town’s.  One person has expressed interest in being on that board and Town Manager O’Keefe would like another volunteer to express interest.  The Town Council will make a single appointment (with a possible backup).  

Town Manager O’Keefe mentioned a brainstorming session that will take place between St. Clements, The Town of Portland, and the Town of East Hampton for developing a hotel on the property.  

Chair Leone mentioned that a member of the Commission is stepping down at the end of the month.  Town Manager O’Keefe has an application for a new member.  

5.      Public Comments

Diane Bohmiller, XChange for Change, stated that the Village Center merchants have stated that it is dark in the Center at night
She also stated that shopping in the Center was bad the weekend of the Breakfast with Santa; along with the getting of Christmas Trees.  The weather was also bad.  
Ms. Bohmiller had an event, Wings n Things that went over very well.
6.      Presentations

  • Connected to Connecticut Activities Report
        Chris Edge was presented, reporting to the Commission (handout made part of the         record) the contacts, visitations, and meetings during the last month.  (See    handout for details).  
                Mr. Edge attended the last Redevelopment Agency meeting.  The Agency would      like to hold a public informational session in January or February.  

                Mr. Edge met with Ron Buccilli, who is involved in an incubator project in New  Britain. He explained the operation for the Commission.  

                Craig Stevenson spoke to the Commission regarding a tour he took with some      developers.  Comments were made that all the Brownfields issues are not known   on some/most of these properties and may hold up possible development.  Also    discussed was residential use, combining properties.  He also mentioned a waste         to energy product that can be located at a Transfer Station, etc. Mr. Stevenson will    email information to the Commission.  

                Mr. Stevenson would be willing to invite these persons to later meetings.  

Town Manager O’Keefe left the meeting at 7:25 p.m.

7.      EDC Liaison Reports – None

        Ms. Nielson reported on Planning and Zoning meeting, Conservation/Lake, and possibility of town houses on the Manafort property at the north end of the Lake.  

        Ms. Nielson attended the Salmon River Land Trust seminar on 12-5-09 (two towns will be chosen to receive grant).  It was very well attended.  

8.      Old Business

  • Holiday Event in Village Center
        The event went as well as could be expected in a freezing rain storm.  Many children tied bells on their shoes and participated in the Jingle Bell parade.  

        Mr. Solomon made a motion for EDC to send a letter to the editor thanking Monica Kangley and the Volunteer Fire Department for all their help with the Holiday Events; seconded by Ms. Rooth, Vote: Yes: 5; No: 0, motion carried.

 b.  Blight Ordinance Plan Update

        Mr. Nielson is working on this Plan and will have a draft ready for the Commission by the January meeting.  Mr. Stevenson will forward some     information from other communities.  East Hampton’s Ordinance will cover Commercial/Industrial.  

       c.  Village Center Action Plan Update
        Already covered.  

  •  EDC sponsored Breakfast Event, 2/10
            Mr. Edge will contact local businesses to see who could help us with the event.    Also, we would then be compiling a list of available services for future events.    

        A motion was made by Ms. Rooth  to move forward with the planning of the breakfast event, inviting Connie Mafao on Wednesday, February 10, 2010, and    open it up to small businesses in East Hampton,  seconded by Chair Leone, Vote: Yes: 5, No: 0, motion carried.

      e.   Business of the Month nomination for January

      Suggestions were made for business of the month for January.  After discussions,
       Mr. Solomon made a motion to nominate Babies to Big Kids and Pawsitive Solutions for business of the month for January; seconded by Ms. Rooth; Vote:     Yes: 5, No: 0, motion carried.  

  •  EDC Website Overhaul
            Vice Chair Pawlak will pull a meeting together to move ahead.  Mr. Stevenson volunteered time, either by phone or at a meeting.  Chair Leone suggested      meeting virtually, or a net meeting.  

9.   New Business

  • Home Based Business Expo
           After discussions, it was the consensus to assemble a list of interested businesses.  
            Chair Leone will reach out to Old Home Days Committee by email regarding a possible booth at Old Home Days.  

      b.  RFP Specifications for EDC Consultant      

           There was a short discussion regarding the Commission opening up the process for bid every two years.     

      c.  Other

          Mr. Solomon mentioned that the Boat Parade will be held 8-14-10.  There is desire    to make it bigger – parking at the High School, bussing people to the Park to watch the parade.  The proceeds would be put in a fund for the Lake.  Possible details were discussed.  

10.  Pubic Comments –

       Diane Bohmiller recommended that when a business gets Business of the Month, they are encouraged to attend the next (or more) EDC meeting.  She also made mention of some promotions done by businesses (Designing Kids, haircuts in the schools; Governor’s media event with Scot Haney, $50 for a $100 gift certificate, Governor O’Neil benefit).  

11.  Adjournment

At 8:14 p.m. a motion to adjourn was made by Chair Leone.

Respectfully submitted:

Jennifer Carducci
Recording Secretary


All Handouts available at Town Hall