Town of East Hampton, CT
20 East High Street, East Hampton, CT 06424
04/14/2008 Fire Commission Minutes
Regular Meeting
April 14, 2008

Present:  Chairman David Simko, Richard Dufour and Dean Michelson

Absent:  Dr. Richard Brown and Matthew Walton

Others Present:  Fire Chief Chuck Stickler, Assistant Chief Steve Palmer, Fire Marshal Phil Visintainer, Captain Marty Voelker.

Chairman David Simko called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. at Company #1 on Barton Hill Road.

Approval of Minutes:  
A motion was made by Dean Michelson and seconded by Richard Dufour to accept the minutes of the March regular meeting minutes as presented. Vote 3-0 in favor.

A motion was made by Richard Dufour and seconded by Dean Michelson to accept the minutes of the March special meeting minutes as presented. Vote 3-0 in favor.

Communications:   None.
Public Remarks:  None.

Fire Marshal Phil Visintainer’s Report: The Fire Marshal’s report is attached and made part of these minutes.

Fire Chief Chuck Stickler’s Report: The Chief’s report is attached and made part of these minutes.

Old Business:

Budget/Special Meeting – Chairman Simko held a discussion recapping the special meeting and the budget that has been requested by the fire department.

FEMA Grant – Chairman Simko stated that the grant for $360,000 has been submitted and he would like to make a copy of the proposal by Shawn Beniot to be distributed to the Commissioners. Chairman Simko stated that the Town’s part would be for $18,000 Dean Michelson inquired if the fire department is in good standing with all past FEMA grants. Chairman Simko confirmed that all past grants have been validly closed.

Smokeless Tobacco Grant – Captain Martin Voelker stated that at this time the fire department is still in the running for the grant. This grant will award “gator” type vehicles to precipitants who qualify. If we receive this grant the town would be responsible for $1,500.

Rescue 2-12 UpdateCaptain Voelker reported to the Commissioners on the status of Rescue 2-12.This is the old town ambulance which  Company #2 members are converting into a light rescue vehicle  

New Business:

Computer Grants Chief Stickler stated that Rich Klotzbier has applied for a grant for computer equipment.

Juniors – Chief Stickler reported that the junior advisors are looking into a program grant for gear.

Awards - Chairman Simko stated that he received an email with regard to a terminated member that was on the roster. Chairman Simko stated that this member as well a two other members will be forfeited.  Chairman Simko has been in touch with ACG with regard to the numbers. Chairman Simko suggested that the plan write-up be looked into with regards to multiple valuation dates.  A potential problem arises when you valuate the plan on 12/31 and a person requests a payout on 05/01.  Dean Michelson suggested that the statements have a notation that the amount is of a specific date.

Trustees – Chairman Simko stated that they are now in the process of changing the Trustees to include Chief Stickler. The Trustees are Chairman Simko, Jeff Jellyka, Chief Stickler and Hunt Voelker. Chairman Simko stated to do anything for the plan 3 Trustee must sign off on it.

Tax Abatements - Chairman Simko reminded all that the membership will need to fill out I-9’s for the town. Abatements will be given out and a 1099 will be received and the member will have to pay Social Security and Medicare. (approximately $87 for a person receiving $1,000 tax abatement)

R-1 Issue- Richard Dufour asked the status of  the R-1 Issue. Chief Stickler stated there is nothing new to report at this time.

Purchases – Chief Stickler asked for the approval to purchase the following items:

Description     Amount  Acct. Number            Vendor

        Pump Testing            $1,500          01220221-5330    First Line
        SCBA Fit Testing        $1,500          01220221-5330   Shipman’s
A motion was made by Dean Michelson and seconded by Richard Dufour to approve the purchase orders for the Pump Testing and SCBA Fit Testing as presented. Vote 3-0 in favor.

Lake Commission – Chairman Simko stated he spoke with members of the Lake Commission regarding the 10,000 gallon water tanks which are hooked to the storm drains in certain developments.  He referred any questions the Lake Commission may have to the Fire Marshall or the Fire Chief.

A motion was made by Dean Michelson and seconded by Richard Dufour to adjourn the regular meeting at 8:00 p.m.  Vote 3-0 all in favor.

Respectfully submitted,

Kristin A. Olzacki