Town of East Hampton, CT
20 East High Street, East Hampton, CT 06424
05/09/2011 Fire Commission Minutes
Regular Meeting
May 9, 2011

Present: Chairman David Simko, Leroy Goff, Richard Dufour, Dean Michelson, Richard Brown

Others Present:   Chief Paul Owen, Deputy Chief Ken McGahee, Rick Stanchfield (ACG), Fire Marshal Klotzbier, Lou Harris, Charles Spakowski, Mike Rich and Hunt Voelker

Chairman Simko called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. at Company #1 on Barton Hill Road.

Approval of Minutes:  
A motion was made by Dean Michelson and seconded by Richard Brown  to accept the minutes of the April Regular meeting minutes as presented. Vote 4-0 approve 1 abstention.

  • ACG Presentation: Rick Stanchfield from ACG gave a brief overview of this year’s awards program. A brief discussion followed and the Commission tabled any changes to the plan.
  • Communications: Chairman Simko received a thank you note from the family of former Commission member Bernard Coughlin.
  • Public Remarks:  Mike Rich brought to the Commission that many of the largest cuts from the upcoming capital budget came from the fire department. Chairman Simko stated that after discussions with members of the Board of Finance and the Finance Director the town will most likely bond in the upcoming year. Chairman Simko stated that one of the items that were listed in the capital items was the radios which we are still in the running for a grant.
Mike Rich also asked the Commission to consider a fuel reimbursement to the Fire Police based on the number of calls attended and the length of time their vehicles are running.

  • Fire Marshal Rich Klotzbier’s Report: The Fire Marshal’s report is attached and made part of these minutes.
  • Fire Chief Paul Owen’s Report: The Chief’s report is attached and made part of these minutes.
Old Business:

  • Repairs to Fire Prevention Trailer – Fire Marshal Klotzbier stated that the trailer is 80% completed and should by done by May 19th
  • FEMA Grant: Chairman Simko stated that we are still in the running as of last week.
  • 2011 Grant – Chairman Simko stated that at this time the grant process has not been opened. Chief Owen stated that until the national budget is passed all money is on hold. Chairman Simko asked for suggestions, Chief Owen suggested a Rescue/Engine for Company 2.  Chairman Simko suggested that information be put together with facts and figures of why this would be needed.
  • Remaining Capital Money – Chairman Simko stated that the numbers are pretty much the same as last month. Chief Owen stated that a scanner has been ordered for the Chiefs vehicle and the radios will be repaired. Chairman Simko asked that if any items needed be ordered for Engine 2. Deputy Chief McGahee said that Marty Voelker has a list that needs to be ordered. Chief Owen stated that Rich Klotzbier is looking to upgrade the computer system with the technology money. The pickup truck money will be allocated for the lights or the decals.
  • Lock Box Status – Chief Owen reported that applications have been brought to the facilities manager for the schools and the Board of Education building.
  • Physicals – Chief Owen stated that two physical dates have happened and a third date has been scheduled in June.
  • Rescue #2 Status – Chief Owen stated that at this time is a dead issue. He has asked for a list of items that needed to be completed so it could be sent out. The Company Captain has not gotten back to the Chief with a list. Dean Michelson asked why if money  was approved for work to be done and it not been completed. A discussion followed.
  • Generator for Company #2 Status – Chairman Simko stated the facilities director at this time is not sure if this item is going out to bid or going through the state.
  • Quad repairs status – Chief Owen stated that at this time repairs are a waste and that the money should be used for a six wheeler.  A discussion followed.
  • Hydrant and pump status – Fire Marshal Klotzbier stated that Frank Gryzb stated he found money in the budget  to check the system for leaks.
  • New Locks and keys for firehouses  - Chief Owen received a quote of $1,400 from Frank Gryzb to replace the keys at all three firehouses since it has not been done in a few years. Chief Owen would like to take this out of 01220221-5430.
A motion was made by Richard Brown and seconded by Richard Dufour to allocate money to change the locks and provide keys for three firehouses not to exceed $1,500. Vote 5-0 approved

  • Employee Handbook –  Chairman Simko handed out the books to the Commissioners and a discussion was held. Chief Owen asked if the membership needs to sign the handbook. The Commission has tabled this decision until more information can be obtained by the town.
New Business:

  • Mileage for Training – Chairman Simko mentioned that reimbursement for mileage has been brought to the Commission. Chairman Simko stated that all department members should be keeping track of their mileage to and from calls so they can be written off on their income taxes.   Deputy Chief McGahee stated that extra expenses are incurred when the vehicles are left idle and gas is being used. Richard Brown suggested that a research of the IRS code for deductions. Chairman Simko suggested looking into how other departments handle this. Deputy Chief McGahee mentioned that it should be written with conditions.
Chairman Simko stated that if a member of the department is attending a class and using their own vehicle and the class has been approved by the Chief they can be reimbursed from the Town for their mileage.  This discussion was tabled until more information can be obtained by the town.

  • Approval of Purchases-
Description                     Amount          Account                 Vendor

Rope Equipment and              $1,200          01220221-5658           TBD
Hand Tools

Table and 4 Chairs              $   800         01220221-5743           TBD

A motion was made by Richard Brown and seconded by Leroy Goff to approve the purchases as presented.  Vote 5-0 all in favor.

A motion was made by Dean Michelson and seconded by Richard Brown to adjourn the regular meeting at 8:54 p.m.  Vote 5-0 all in favor.

Respectfully submitted,

Kristin A. Olzacki