Town of East Hampton, CT
20 East High Street, East Hampton, CT 06424
06/13/2011 Fire Commission Minutes
Regular Meeting
June 13, 2011

Present: Chairman David Simko, Leroy Goff, Richard Dufour, Dean Michelson, Richard Brown

Others Present:   Chief Paul Owen, Assistant Chief Martin Swan, Deputy Chief Ken McGahee, Fire Marshal Klotzbier, Joe Guest, Andrew Strickland, Robert Rainville, Lou Harris, Charles Spakowski, Mike Rich, Jerry Cloutier and Dan Burdick.

Chairman Simko called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. at Company #1 on Barton Hill Road.

Approval of Minutes:  
A motion was made by Richard Dufour and seconded by Richard Brown  to accept the minutes of the May Regular meeting minutes as presented. Vote 5-0.

  • Communications: Chairman Simko received notification that Joe Guest received his Hazardous Materials certificate.  Communication regarding a personnel issue was received and it will be handled according to the by-laws prior to involvement by the Commissioners.
  • Public Remarks:  Marty Swan spoke to the Commissioner regarding the employee handbook and asked that the Commissioners find whether the memberships are considered employees. Also, regarding reimbursement for mileage, he felt that the chain of command was breached by going to the Commission before the Chiefs.
If it is a department mandated training then mileage should be reimbursed but if it was a voluntary class it should be on a case basis.

Marty also asked why a second estimate was not gotten on the safety trailer repairs and suggested that if this happens again a second estimate should be received.

Marty also stated that the he did not feel that the post of the Assistant Fire Marshal position was posted in visible places as well as there was no posting of training for the fire marshal position. A discussion was held. Marty asked for a clarification from the Town Council or the Town Attorney on how this should be held in the future.

Dr. Brown asked that the procedures for any open positions be looked at and the Personnel Department be contacted.

  • Fire Marshal Rich Klotzbier’s Report: The Fire Marshal’s report is attached and made part of these minutes.
  • Fire Chief Paul Owen’s Report: The Chief’s report is attached and made part of these minutes.
Old Business:

  • Repairs to Fire Prevention Trailer – Joe Guest stated that the trailer is completed except for the coating on the roof.
  • 2010 FEMA Grant: Chairman Simko stated that the grant was denied and was in the process for over 13 months.
  • 999 Foundation Grant – Chairman Simko stated that Mike Scranton sent him an email regarding a grant that doesn’t need to be submitted until September 21st. Past items have been personal protective gear, fit testing, wireless communication systems, etc. Chairman Simko asked that the chiefs take a look at this. Dr. Brown asked if two separate applications could be put in, Richard Dufour stated that at this point of his review of the documentation it doesn’t say you can not.
  • Remaining Capital Money – Chief Owen stated that the bills have been received for the Pickup truck and Chief’s vehicle and those items will be closed. Frank Gryzb is waiting for responses back from the generator bid package which is open until the end of this month.
  • Regular Budget Status- Chief Owen stated that after all bills are submitted by the end of the month the budget balance should be close to zero.
  • Lock Box Status – Chief Owen reported that applications have been brought to the facilities manager for the schools and the Board of Education building but nothing has been received back yet. Chief Owen explained the procedure.
  • Physicals – Chief Owen stated that there have been only a few minor issues but everything is going when and will be better for next year.
  • Generator for Company #2 Status – The bids have gone out.
  • Mileage for Training – Chairman Simko stated that he understands Assistant Chief Swans point but he feels that if members are approved for training then they should be eligible for reimbursement. Chairman Simko feels that the Chiefs need to meet and discuss the use of the pickup and how mileage reimbursement procedure should happen. Chairman Simko stated that he will speak to the Finance Director to see if additional money can be appropriated to the budget. A brief discussion was held.
A motion was made by Richard Dufour and seconded by Richard Brown to establish a line item for mileage reimbursement for approved training. Vote 5-0 approved.

New Business:

  • Roof Repairs for Co#2  Assistant Chief Swan stated that he met with the insurance adjuster and attended a safety committee meeting and spoke to Frank Grzyb who stated that this is going to have to go out to bid due to the great expense of all the damage. A suggestion of a thank you note be sent to the Town Manager thanking the Portland Building Inspector for the response during the departments need..   Chairman Simko thanked Assistant Chief Swan for all his efforts during this same issue.  
  • Law Concerning taking pictures at incidents –Chairman Simko stated that there has been a law passed that prohibits public safety individuals from taking picture of victims at scenes.

  • Approval of Purchases-
Description                     Amount          Account                 Vendor

3 Lengths Suction Hose  $650 each               01220221-5657           TBD     

Thermal Imaging Camera  $1500                   01220221-5430           TBD

A motion was made by Richard Dufour and seconded by Leroy Goff to approve the purchases as presented not to exceed $3,500.  Vote 5-0 all in favor.

A motion was made by Dean Michelson and seconded by Richard Dufour to adjourn the regular meeting at 8:33 p.m.  Vote 5-0 all in favor.

Respectfully submitted,

Kristin A. Olzacki