Town of East Hampton, CT
20 East High Street, East Hampton, CT 06424
09/15/2010 Housing Authority Minutes
East Hampton Housing Authority
Chatham Acres
Governor Bill O’Neill Drive
East Hampton, CT 06424

A meeting was held on September 15, 2010 at Chatham Acres.  The meeting opened at 6:10pm.  Members present were Patricia Dufour, Tom Denman, Ann McLaughlin and Judie Bobbi.  Two residents attended the meeting.
Ms. McLaughlin made a motion to approve the Minutes of August 17, 2010.  Mr. Denman seconded.  Vote was unanimous.
Bills and Communication:
Citizens Bank send paperwork for the Liquid Plus account.  Members will sign and Ms. Bobbi will send back to the bank.
Precision Drainage sent quote to do the tree and drain work.  Ms. Bobbi has also contacted Grasshopper regarding the drain and Cooper Trees for the tree.  Board will wait until we receive other quotes.
CT Housing Coalition will be holding a conference on October 27th.
Cash Report:
Citizens Bank Reconciliation for August 2010 was presented to the Board for review.  The report will be filed for audit.
Old Business and New Business:
Audit Reports are available for any Board member that has not received one.  Ms. McLaughlin would like the Board to comment on the report when everyone has had a chance to review it.
Skip from the Lions Club presented the Housing Authority with two CD Players to be used by the residents for books on CD from the Library.
Weatherization update:  The CRT team was at the Housing Authority on 9/15 to sign up as many residents as possible the coming year Energy Assistance Program.  Thirty- seven residents have been signed up.  We need forty-six residents for the 66% needed.  We have people who were not available that day that will qualify.  CRT will send us paperwork for the additional people.
CHFA Asset Mgr, Orrie Vardar, came out to do an inspection of the properties.  It was suggested that a written policy for the Master Key be implemented.  Ms. Bobbi composed a policy and presented it to the Board.  Mr. Denman made a motion to approve the policy.  Ms. McLaughlin seconded.  Vote was unanimous.
Ms. Bobbi has updated the entry policy for going into a tenant’s apartment.  Ms. McLaughlin made motion to approve the update.  Mr. Denman seconded.  Vote was unanimous.
Millenium Water notified us that there are traces of coli form bacteria present in the well.  Ms. Bobbi sent out notices to all Chatham Acres residents.  There was no other action required, however, Ms. Bobbi provided each person with two gallons of water that can be used for drinking.  Well was chlorinated and will be re-tested in two or three days.
Budget discussion will take place with a Special Meeting on September 28th at 9am.
Congregate:  Board discussed contacting our state representative and senator to ask them to come and have a conversation regarding the Congregate Development and funding for that project.  Ms. McLaughlin made a motion that Chairman Dufour contact Ms. Hamm and Ms. Daily.  Mr. Denman seconded.  Vote was unanimous.
Ms. McLaughlin would like a Disaster Plan written and given to new tenants when they move in.
Ms. McLaughlin also would like to discuss the wait list policy at the next meeting.
Vacancy:  Currently there is one vacancy at Chatham Acres.
Public Comments:  None
Tenant Commissioner:  None

A motion was made by Ms. McLaughlin to adjourn at 7:25pm.  Mr. Denman seconded.

Respectfully submitted by Judie Bobbi, recording secretary

Cc:  Board Members, Town Manager, Town Clerk, Town Council