Town of East Hampton, CT
20 East High Street, East Hampton, CT 06424
11/16/2011 Housing Authority Minutes
East Hampton Housing Authority
Chatham Acres
East Hampton, CT 06424

A meeting was held on November 16, 2011 at Bellwood Court.  The meeting opened at 12:20pm.  Members present were Patricia Dufour, Tom Denman, Ann McLaughlin, Jo Ann Ewing, Monica Kangley and Judie Bobbi.  Two residents of Bellwood Court attended.  
Minutes:  A motion was made by Ms. McLaughlin to accept the Minutes of October 19th.  Ms. Ewing seconded.  Vote was unanimous.
Bills and Communication:
Quote was received from James Borg for the temporary repair of the roof at Chatham Acres that was damaged during storm Irene.  Ms. McLaughlin made the motion to accept the quote.  Mr. Denman seconded.  Vote was unanimous.  Mr. Borg also submitted a quote to have the siding installed where the air conditioner sleeves were closed at Chatham Acres.  Ms. Kangley made a motion to accept the quote.  Ms. Ewing seconded.  Vote was unanimous.
Ms. Bobbi received the claim packet from CertainTeed but still has to verify the make of our shingles.  She has been in contact with the architect from the 2001 DECD Grant.  
Millenium Water has submitted a quote to replace the two booster pumps at Chatham Acres.  We will look into another opinion since the current pumps were installed in 2005.
Cash Report:
Ms. Bobbi presented the bank reconciliation for October 2011.  The Board reviewed the report to be filed for audit.
Old Business and New Business:
Ms. Bobbi reported winter storm Alfred caused only minimal damage with some broken branches.  Two trees on the border in the upper section of Bellwood that fell need to be removed.  Cooper Trees has been contacted.  
Ms. Bobbi had sent the Board a draft letter from Ms. Dufour to be sent to the Town regarding emergency management.  Board members agreed to have it mailed out.  
The Bellwood Court Wii game was stolen.  The Board agreed the doors to the community room be kept locked. It will only be open during work hours and residents must comply with this.  We will look into the EHPD doing a presentation at both complexes to educate residents the importance of protecting the property and themselves.  Ms. Bobbi will check to see if a sensor light is needed by the mailroom door.  Ms. Bobbi will send out notices to each apartment.
Ms. McLaughlin reported that she was approached by a candidate running for office regarding the Housing Authority policy of no solicitation.  The Board will decide how they want to handle local candidates in the future and also ask for residents opinion about a meet the candidate coffee hour.  The no door to door solicitation will still be enforced.
Ms. Bobbi reported that CHFA has approved the 2012 Budget that was submitted.
The Eagle Scout project is near completion.  We have received a letter of interest from another scout for a future project.
All residents were entitled to a $10 decrease in the November rent due to the power outage in August.  About half the residents wanted to pay the same amount but have the $10 put into the tenant fund to be used towards a purchase of the stolen Wii or an awning for the new patio.
The refrigerator replacement has been completed with a total of 39 new refrigerators installed.
Vacancy – none
Waiting List now has 23 applicants.
Ms. Brazal is arranging the Yellow Dot meeting on Nov. 22nd between 1pm and 3pm.  Board members are encouraged to attend.  There will be representatives from Peoples Bank who is the sponsor and various town departments have been invited.
Tenant Commissioner:
Ms. Kangley wishes to thank the Board for the purchase of the two new microwaves for the community rooms.

A motion was made by Ms. Kangley to adjourn at 1:40pm.  Ms. Ewing seconded.

Respectfully submitted by Judie Bobbi, recording secretary

CC:  Board Members, Town Manager, Town Clerk, Town Council