Town of East Hampton, CT
20 East High Street, East Hampton, CT 06424
10/14/2010 Conservation-Lake Commission Minutes
7: 00 P.M.


1.  Call to Order

Present:  Peter Zawisza, Allen Petell, Nancy Selavka, Paul Peszynski, Michael Brogan.
Absent:  Irene Curtis, Kurt Comisky, Mark Niosi, and Michael Rose.

Also present:  Kerry Nielson, Director of Community & Environmental Planning; Jennifer Carducci, Recording Secretary and several members of the public.  

This regular meeting was called to order at 7:04 p.m.

2. Seating of Alternates

Alternate Paul Peszynski was seated for voting purposes.  

3.  Approval of Minutes – August 20, 2010

A motion was made by Mr. Petell to approve the minutes as written, seconded by Mr. Brogan, Vote:  Yes:5; No: 0, motion passed.  

4.  Communications and Liaison Reports

Ms. Nielsen discussed the DEP permit given to make repairs to the Cranberry Bog dam/piping.  

Mr. Petell discussed:

The proposed daycare facility project by Dream Developers on East High Street.  The developer will be providing pre and post phosphorus/nitrogen prior to being issued a building permit.

The Inland Wetlands approval of the Traditional Innovations proposal on West High Street;

Ilene Daly and Ms. Hamm were invited to an Inland Wetlands meeting to explain why they voted for the fertilizer ban; the group is still pursuing an answer;

Wetland maps are being processed into a wetlands layer for the Town’s GIS.  Ms. Nielson mentioned that the UConn/DEP have partnership in a website that shows all the wetland maps and many other pieces of information.  

5.  Report of Director of Community & Environmental Planning

Ms. Nielson discussed:

        Loos Pond dam;

        DEP Permit granted for work to repair Cranberry Bog dam/pipes;

Liaison issues – Parks and Rec. Commission met 10-5-10 and discussed open space, land for parks, and the possible future establishment of regulations.

        Salmon River Partnership seminar was attended, discussing low impact development;

        Town’s goal to revise regulations with nature conservancy in mind.  

Open space, park amenities, “fee in lieu of” conservation set-aside.  Mr. Brogan expressed his interest in this topic.  

Revision of Ordinance setting up Conservation-Lake Commission; originally with nine regular members and three alternates – would like to change to seven regular meetings to align with other commissions.  She would also like to see the mention of the watershed management plan stuck from the Ordinance.  Members were asked to review the Ordinance and email Ms. Nielson with comments.  

6.  Public Comments     

Randy Dumont questioned the amphitheatre and possibility of soccer fields at Sears Park; Ms. Nielson explained the Master Plan for the park.  

A member of the public questioned if the Lake is a lake or a reservoir.  Lake Pocotopaug is not a primary or backup drinking water supply as are reservoirs.    

7.  Plan Review

  • Review of Variance application for (ZBA application) for reduction of front yard setback, side yard setback, and for lot coverage, 31 Day Point Road – Kevin St. John
Kevin St. John was not present; Ms. Nielson distributed and explained application, showed plans submitted.  

The Commission would like to recommend the water off the roof be funneled through impervious pavers or into a drywell.

  • Commercial site plan review for Traditional Innovations/Sports on 66 – 265 West High Street – Brian Cutler
Brian Cutler was not present.  Inland Wetlands has approved of this application and it will be heard by Planning and Zoning on 10-20-10.  Mr. Petell went over information contained in application.  The parking areas will not be paved; it will be gravel.

Ms. Nielson added another announcement at this time.  A grant of $200,000 has been awarded to East Hampton for the Airline Trail.  

Ms. Nielson also stated she met with DEP staff regarding the 319 grant.  She was told that since our Lake did not have public boat launch area(s) we should not have been able to apply.  Ms. Nielson still believes there is some question as to the validity of this requirement and will challenge.  

A motion was made by Mr. Brogan to add Item C.  Review of Variance Application for (ZBA Application) for lot coverage and front yard setback, 8 Community Road, Peter Owitz; seconded by Mr. Petell, Vote:  Yes: 5; No: 0, motion carried.

  • Review of Variance Application for (ZBA Application) for lot coverage and front yard setback, 8 Community Road, Peter Owitz
Mr. Owitz was present to discuss his project.  He is seeking a variance since the regulations consider the lakeside a front as well as the roadside.  Applicant will be

Mr. Brogan made a motion to pass this application along with favorable commentary as planned on a 3” gravel base, seconded by Mr. Petell; Vote:  Yes: 5; No:  0, motion carried

Alex Seppa asked if the viaduct is a swimming hole.  DEP deems it is not.  

8.  Old Business

  • Update on Mixing System (Aeration System) RFP status.  
Ms. Nielson gave update.  Two proposals came in.  The status of this proposed project is uncertain at this time.   

  • Discussion on Lake Pocotopaug Watershed Plan & EPA based Watershed Planning (Update – Staff DEP Meeting).  
Covered above.  

9.  New Business

  • Watershed signage Project for Lake Pocotopaug
Chair Zawisza stated twenty-three locations were identified for 18 x 24 signs.  (Approximately $25/sign)  Two locations are on Rte. 66 and would need Opening Permits from the State DOT.  Most likely 15 signs would be installed.  Mr. Petell would like to see as many signs as necessary to inform people that they live in the Watershed area.  Ms. Nielson suggested that the Commission present the plan and locations to the Town Council for their review and approval, prior to installation.   

  • Future Community/Educational Event
  • Sub-committee Report on Possible Educational Events
The Commission has a committee of four that will brainstorm ideas for an educational series; possible workshops, flyers, articles, guest speakers.  

  •  Set New Date for November 2010 Meeting.
After discussion, Mr. Petell made a motion to set a November Special Meeting date of November 4, 2010 in the Town Hall Meeting Room at 7:00 p.m.; seconded by Ms. Selavka.  Vote:  Yes: 5; No: 0, motion passed.  

10.  Public Remarks - None

11.  Adjournment

A motion was made to adjourn by Mr. Petell, seconded by Mr. Brogan.  Vote:  Yes: 5; No: 0.  Motion passed.  This meeting was adjourned at 8:56 p.m.  

Respectfully submitted,

Jennifer Carducci
Recording Secretary


All handouts are made part of these minutes and are available at Town Hall.