Town of East Hampton, CT
20 East High Street, East Hampton, CT 06424
03/10/2011 Conservation-Lake Commission Minutes
7: 00 P.M.


1.  Call to Order

Present:  Peter Zawisza, Allen Petell, Paul Peszynski, Irene Curtis, Michael Brogan, Michael Rose.
Absent:  Nancy Selavka, Paul Peszynski, Kurt Comisky, Mark Niosi.

Also present:  Kerry Nielson, Director of Community & Environmental Planning; Jennifer Carducci, Recording Secretary and several members of the public.  

This regular meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m.

2. Seating of Alternates – None seated.  

3.  Approval of Minutes – February 10, 2011

A motion was made by Ms. Curtis to approve the minutes as written, seconded by Mr. Petell, Vote:  Yes:5; No: 0, motion passed.  

Chair Zawisza made a motion to add to the agenda, 7.  Presentation – A.  Presentation of Roger Abrams, East Hampton High School science instructor, on annual water quality monitoring his class does; seconded by Mr. Rose, Vote:  Yes: 5/No: 0, motion passed.

4.  Communications and Liaison Reports

Mr. Petell discussed the Public Act and meeting discussing same with Ms. Daly and Ms. Hamm and the IWWA regarding the State laws concerning the fertilizer ordinance.  The State law cannot be stricter than the Federal law and the Town law cannot be stricter than the State law.  He stressed education as being the most important ingredient, since most would use more environmentally friendly fertilizers if they understood them.  

5.  Report of Director of Community & Environmental Planning

Ms. Nielson stated that P & Z is moving along with the changes to the Conservation Subdivision Regulations.  All comments from this commission have been passed along and there is to be a Public Hearing on 4-4-11.  

Ms. Nielson also informed the commission of the twelve proposals submitted to the Town in response to the RFP for the trail.  There will be further meetings to narrow down bidders.  Work to be started by fall.  

Ms. Curtis mentioned that there was a washout at the Pine Brook Bridge.  

6.  Public Comments     

John Frido, from Namonee Trail had questions for the Commission regarding composting and the lake loading response model; his questions were addressed by Mr. Petell, explaining that an education subcommittee will be presenting the results, impact on Lake, Lake activities and good stewardship, and ways Lake area residents can keep soil out of the Lake.  

Joe Carbonnell discussed the aeration system with the Commission.

7.  Presentation

  • Presentation of Roger Abrams, East Hampton High School science instructor, on annual water quality monitoring his class does.  
Roger Abrams, EH High School Science instructor was present to explain that his botany and biology students study the macroinvertibrates, since 2005, in Christopher Brook (exactly the program DEP does in Salmon River).  They collect the organisms and determine what affects the Lake.  Their baseline study shows the systems are Skyline are working.  These studies will continue as long as Mr.  Abrams is at the high school.

8.  Plan Review   

A.  Application review for a modification to site plan for 2 West High Street – Liberty Bank

Ms. Nielson presented plan submitted by the applicant, who will be working near the wetland area and asking for a setback variance, to add a covered two-lane drive up area and reconfigure parking.  The plans indicate there will be more impervious surface added.  After brief discussion, consensus was for Ms. Nielson to write a letter to the applicant, asking that they increase the pervious surfaces, indicate where runoff from new shelter(s) will go, and the runoff calculations.  This item will be an agent approval; it will not go before the IWWA.  

B.  Conceptual Plan for proposed Amphitheatre project in Sears Park – STEAP Grant

Ms. Nielsen presented plan showing amphitheatre, which is part of the Master Plan for the park.  After viewing plan, commissioners requested more information to come back meeting next month.  Ms. Nielson will also ask Ms. Plummer to present.  

9.  Old Business

  • Update on Watershed Signage Project for Lake Pocotopaug.  
Mr. Zawisza gave an update on signage for Lake Watershed area.  He was given a price of $38/sign.  Mr. Zawisza is working on a plan with locations will be presented to the Police Department and State permits will be sought.  The vector art has not been received from Sue Weintraub.  

  • Forming Volunteer Group for Water Quality Monitoring starting in the spring and setting up for potential date for training.  
Ms. Nielson is trying to set up for water sampling.  She has spoken with Jim Burg, AECom, and could speak with Ken Wagner regarding training.  It was suggested he contact Peter Aarrestaed.  The in-lake is not an issue, but the most difficult is obtaining the storm data.  

C.  Updates on Planning for Annual Lake Pocotopaug Watershed Cleanup Day in April.   

Mr. Petell has spoken with Keith Hayden regarding the disposal of bulky waste, metal, tires, etc. Ms. Nielson obtained prices for dumpsters.  After discussion, it was decided to contract for two dumpsters and request that Public Works leave a truck at the Park to collect tires, and pay Transfer Station fee for tires.  The deposits must come from residents in the watershed area.  Ms. Curtis has contacted three associations to solicit volunteers; Ms. Selavka contacted the Garden Club; Lions Club will be involved, Stop and Shop and Paul’s and Sandy’s to be involved.  Condiments and clear bags need to be purchased.  Scouts will take recyclables.  Ms. Selavka will be speaking to T-shirt place.  The date will be April 16, starting at 9:00 a.m., with a rain date of the next Saturday.  Mr. Petell will take care of publicity announcements.  Mr. Petell will approach the banks in town.  Further details will be handled through Ms. Nielson.

D.  Sub-committee Report on Education

Mr. Petell advised that a pamphlet put in the River East would cost $467, since they must circulate to the entire Town (they cannot simply target the watershed area).  Other circulation avenues were discussed.  

E.  Discussion on purchasing a Lake Watershed Topographic Model for educational purposes.  

Ms. Nielson will accomplish the purchase of this model next week.  

F.  Discussion on final comments on draft Conservation Subdivision Regulations – Section 30 in Zoning Regulations.

Comments from this commission were sent along.   A new version will be circulated before Public Hearing on April 4.

G.  Discussion on final comments on draft Road & Parking Requirements – Section 21 in Zoning Regulations.

The Commission’s comments have been sent along.  

10.  New Business

  • Researching potential grants for water quality improvement and conservation purposes.
Ms. Nielson is in process of searching for new sources of grant funds.  

Contributing to the installation (through Public Works) of deep sump catch basins around the Lake was discussed.  

11.  Public Remarks - None

12.  Adjournment

A motion was made to adjourn by Mr. Brogan, seconded by Mr. Rose.  Vote:  Yes: 5; No: 0.  Motion passed.  This meeting was adjourned at 8:56 p.m.  

Respectfully submitted,

Jennifer Carducci
Recording Secretary


All handouts are made part of these minutes and are available at Town Hall.