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03/19/2007 MHHDC Special Meeting
Middle Haddam Historic District Commission
March 19, 2007
Special Meeting
Meeting Minutes
Present: Chairman Peter Walsh, Margaret McCutcheon Faber, Jerry Peterson, Nanette Woodcock, Ray Krupa, Rick Walsh, Doug Mackeown
Call to Order: Chairman Walsh called the meeting to order at 7:02 PM
Appointment of Alternates
Ray Krupa was seated for this meeting.
Public Hearing:
a) Charlie Gotta, 26 Long Hill Road – Replace door (ex post facto)
Mr. Gotta presented the commission with the description of the door that has been replaced before the work and final pictures upon completion. Ray Krupa stated that applicant has cooperated in a proper way with the Historic District in the past and feels that this may have been an oversight. R. Krupa added he felt to have this on the agenda listed ex post facto is not necessary, and feels in the future when there is an oversight of this kind the MHHD needs to show more restraint with situations like this.
A motion was made by Ray Krupa that the door that has been constructed be approved located at 26 Long Hill Road. Motion was seconded by Doug Mackeown. Vote passes.
b) Brandon Bilodeau, 48 Middle Haddam Road – Replace front door, window, install additional window.
Mr. Bilodeau provided the commission with descriptions of the windows that are going to be replaced and the time frame for the construction.
A motion was made by Ray Krupa, seconded by Margaret Faber to approve the installation of replacement front door, window, and installation of additional window at 48 Middle Haddam Road.
Mr. Peterson asked the applicant to come before the commission on April 3rd with photographs of the proposed windows that they are looking to approve as that has been the way the commission has acted in the past. Chairman Walsh asked if the applicant would come back before the commission and he responded he would.
Ray Krupa withdrew his original motion on the table.
A motion was made by Ray Krupa, seconded by Nannette Woodcock, to continue this application until the next regular scheduled meeting in order to give the applicant time to gather photographs to come back before the commission for final review. Vote passes.
c) Cindy Smith, 1 Blacksmith Hill Road – Replace windows
The applicant presented the commission with the proposal of changing the windows back to their original condition.
A motion was made by Ray Krupa, seconded by Margaret Faber, to approve the application of Cindy Smith request for replacement windows changing them back to their original condition located at 1 Blacksmith Hill Road. Vote passes
Peter Walsh stepped down from the chair position moving Margaret Faber into the Chairman seat. With the commissions permission Peter Walsh asked to remain seated for questions from the commission.
d) Peter Walsh, 19 Knowles Road – Add storm windows
There was a presentation for the commission on the windows that are proposed to be added to the home. The commission asked how they would be secured into the home. Peter Walsh stated he received approval for storm windows back in 1999. Mr. Walsh is asking the commission to accept the original application with an extended date.
A motion was made by Rick Walsh, seconded by Ray Krupa to approve the request for the extension of appropriateness of one year from today’s date for the allowance of adding storm windows at 19 Knowles Road. Vote passes
Peter Walsh was reseated as the Chairman.
e) Bernard Coughlin, 40 Long Hill Road – Enclosed existing deck
Mr. and Mrs. Coughlin presented the commission with the proposed plans for enclosing the existing deck. The size will remain the same as the current deck in place. The commission had several questions regarding the location of the windows, the exterior door location, and the kind of lattes that is going to be installed below, and history on the manufacture. All questions were answered to the commission satisfaction. Nanette Woodcock stated the underneath of the deck will remain the same with no plans for reconstruction.
A motion was made by Ray Krupa, seconded by Doug Mackeown to approve the application for Bernard Coughlin’s request for an enclosed deck located at 40 Long Hill Road without any conditions. Vote passes.
Unfinished Business
a) Ordinance Transmission
The commission had a discussion on the Ordinance Transmission and their concern of the time line that is in place requesting the ordinance to be completed by a certain date. The commission agreed to schedule a special meeting for further discussion.
A motion was made by Doug Mackeown, seconded by Margaret Faber directing the Chairman to address a letter to the Town Council advising them of the action that the MHHD has taken this evening and in the future on the Ordinance Transmission. Vote passes.
A motion was made by Jerry Peterson made a motion to adjourn the MHHD meeting at 8:28 PM. Motion was seconded by Ray Krupa. Vote passed.
Respectfully Submitted,
Kamey Ahrens, Recording Secretary

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