Town of East Hampton, CT
20 East High Street, East Hampton, CT 06424
10/02/2007 MHHDC Regular Meeting
Middle Haddam Historic District Commission
October 2, 2007
Regular Meeting
Meeting Minutes
Meeting Venue: Eaton E. Smith Meeting Room – Town Hall
Call to Order: The meeting was called to order at 7:06 PM by Vice Chair Nannette Woodcock.
Present: Ned Costello; Chairman 7:07 PM, Nanette Woodcock; Vice Chair, Doug Mackeown; Clerk, Kamey Ahrens, Secretary, Richard Walsh (Alternate), and Ray Krupa (Alternate).
Roll Call / Appointment of Alternates: Alternates Ray Krupa and Richard Walsh were seated for this meeting.
Chairman Costello arrived at 7:07 PM and assumed the chair.
Public Hearings: A. Ted Rossi, 94 Middle Haddam Road, build two pool side seating areas, one similar to a pergola, the other roofed.
Mr. Rossi provided the commission with photographs that are similar to the proposed design. The applicant is requesting approval for two structures, one is to add a shade pergola 8’ x 20’ in size and the second proposed structure is a covered outdoor seating area 10’ x 10’, some subtle lighting included. Chairman Costello visited the site, the existing fence is visible from the road and is about 200 feet from the street; the roof is what may be visible from the road. Mr. Rossi will have the builder design a roof to match the spires of the house and the cupola to match the pitch of the guest house roof. The commission asked Mr. Rossi his time frame for construction and Mr. Rossi replied he is hopeful to complete it by November 2007 weather permitting or Spring 2008. The Commission asked what roof material would be used. Mr. Rossi stated shingles to match the house.
Rick Walsh asked for information on the lighting. Mr. Rossi indicated they would include soft lighting like that along the present stone wall
Chairman Costello opened this up for public comment. Hearing none, Chairman Costello closed this Public Hearing.
The commission agreed they could approve the pergola and the seating area; however they would like to review the cupola, spire and accent lighting detail, requesting that detail for approval.
Doug Mackeown made a motion to recommend a COA for Ted Rossi, 94 Middle Haddam Road, to add a shade pergola 8 x 20 and a covered outdoor seating area 10 x10 with a hip roof style, possibly with cupola or spire, details requested for next meeting, with accent lighting allowed. Motion was seconded by Ray Krupa. Motion passed 5-0-0 Chairman Costello closed the Public Hearing.
Approval of Minutes & Motions
Nanette Woodcock requested a change to the September 4, 2007 minutes; page 2 New Business to read as follows:
The members of the Commission reviewed an application from Michael Phillips, 34 Long Hill Road, requesting the stripping and replacement of existing roof. Chairman Costello will contact Mr. Phillips and discussed the color of shingles that will be used. Mr. Phillips inquired in a letter dated August 27, 2007 to The Commission members requesting additional information on his understanding of previous approval for shutters to be added to the front of the home. Doug Mackeown located the application and it contained no reference to shutters. The commission will contact Mr. Phillips and advised him that the application on file was for approval of the new siding only, not shutters and will advise him to apply for a new COA when they wish to add shutters to the house.
Ray Krupa made a motion to approve the September 4, 2007 minutes as amended. Motion was seconded by Richard Walsh. Motion passed 5-0-0 Public Remarks: None
Correspondence: Doug Mackeown provided commission members with the copy of the legal ad for this meeting, in addition to three bills submitted for payment: 2 for The Middletown Press and Recording Secretary fees for Kamey Ahrens. In addition, D. Mackeown had received two applications for next month: #409 from Barbara Angelico and #410 from Howard Grant.
New Business Mr. Grant submitted an application and after reviewed, Chair Costello determined it was replacement and repair not requiring a Public Hearing and asked Mr. & Mrs. Grant to come before the Commission to confirm that.
Mr. Grant of 5 Knowles Road addressed the Commission with his intent of proposed work to the main house to include replace the storm door, replace (4) storm windows, and repair and/or replace gutters on the main house, all with the same style/color. Mr. Grant is also looking to replace the hatchway door and replace a 16x12 shed located behind the home that was damaged by a tree. On the guest home on the property, Mr. Grant is proposing removal and replacement of asphalt shingles of the same color and repair/replace the gutters also with the same style/color. The Commission discussed the location of the home and buildings on the property. The applicant stated it is approx. 200 feet from the road and the shed is behind the house.
There being no public present, no comments were offered.
Richard Walsh made a motion that we take a vote that the application by Howard Grant for repair work at 5 Knowles Road doesn’t need a COA and just to clarify the work involves two structures: the main house replacing storm door, storm windows, gutters, hatch way; and the smaller structure would be to replace the asphalt shingles with the same color, dark green 3 tab, and repair/replace the gutters on that structure and the third component would be approval for a shed not visible of dimensions 16’ x 12’ behind the house. Motion was seconded by Ray Krupa. Motion passed 5-0-0
The Commission returned the applicants check at the meeting.
Unfinished Business: The Commission discussed the following documents: (see attached) Review of MHHDC Town Files, dated September 18, 2007, completed by D. Mackeown, N. Woodcock, and Past Chair, Tamzen Mackeown per the Chair’s request at the previous meetings which is to be forwarded to the town attorney.
Nanette Woodcock stated for the record when Chairman Costello previously visited the Town Building Department and was unable to locate the MHHDC files, there was a communication error by the Town Building Department due to a backed up on their filing, therefore the COAs Chairman Costello and Attorney Brooks were looking for were indeed in that office, just not filed at that time. There was discussion on the various locations documents are stored for the public to access as well as the manner in which they are kept. Chairman Costello state he believes the issue at hand appears to be that the MHHDC information provided town offices is hard for the public to find and hopefully this will help clarify where town records are kept. It was further discussed that the Commission will house its working records and documents at the East Hampton Library which they have agreed to professionally maintain, make available to the public and have available for loan to the Middle Haddam Library, noting this was encouraged by the Town Attorney as it increases public accessibility.
The following documents were submitted for the MHHDC members for review. (See attached)
• Ted Rossi copy of Application, postmark and check
• Agenda of June 10, 1998 34 Long Hill Road
• Report of the Middle Haddam Study Committee for September 13, 1976 regarding the changing of district boundaries as the result of the Long Hill Road expansion
• MHHDC owner location based on a Query Summary
• August 22 letter from M. Faber to the Town Council regarding the ordinance believed not to be not provided The Commission previously
• May 2006 Midstate Regional Planning Agency letter to Mr. Paul Loether, Director, CT Historic Preservation Division requesting a new district map to replace an existing map which needs to be investigated further to insure The Commission’s intent is accurately represented
• Report of existing files and sample contents from Woodcock & Mackeown
• Log of MHHDC meeting recording tapes stored in the vault dated July 13, 2007
The Commission discussed the Query Report set-up of the property listing within the District. The Commission will continue to review appropriate. It was noted that the property listing content and its accuracy needs to be re-addressed by the Assessor’s Office. The Clerk will forward to Atty. Brooks with the indication that progress is being and seek her input on content.
Chairman Costello provided the commission members with a copy of an email received from Attorney Brooks regarding feedback on draft regulations. (See attached)
Vice Chair Woodcock provided an update on the effort to clarify old minutes reported as missing according to former acting Chair, Peter Walsh. At least 22 were months in which no meeting was held and 7 sets of minutes as well as 9 agendas were located.
Public Remarks None
Adjournment: Richard Walsh made a motion to adjourn the regular scheduled MHHDC meeting at 8:14pm seconded Doug Mackeown. Motion passed 5-0
Respectfully Submitted, Kamey Ahrens Recording Secretary