Town of East Hampton, CT
20 East High Street, East Hampton, CT 06424
05/29/2008 MHHDC Regular Meeting
Middle Haddam Historical District Commission
Regular Meeting
May 29, 2008
Eaton E Smith Meeting Room – Town Hall
East Hampton, CT

1.      Call to Order.  Nannette Woodcock, Vice-Chair, called the meeting to order at 7:05 PM.  

2.      Roll Call/Appointment of Alternates. Nannette Woodcock, Doug Mackeown, James Royster, Christopher Dart, and Rick Walsh. Alternate Christopher Dart was seated for the meeting. George Coshow was unable to attend due to illness and Gina Ritchie was not able to attend due to a work conflict which will be resolved as of June (Appointment Subcommittee had misinformed applicants of our meeting schedule). Also present was Steve Ritchie.

Doug Mackeown moved to appoint the Vice Chair to serve as the acting Chair until the commission elects new officers at its annual meeting.  Motion was seconded by James Royster.                       Motion carried 4-0-0

3.      Public Hearing
The public notice was read into the record by the Clerk.

COA App #414: Steve and Gina Ritchie, 56 Keighley Pond Road, new installation of brick walkway and garden fencing.

Doug Mackeown recused himself from discussion on this application being an abutting neighbor.

Steve Ritchie was before the commission to discuss their plans to install a wire fence around an existing garden 40 ft X 27 ft with cedar posts including two bentwood gates all to look natural and blend with surrounds. A used-brick walkway 3 ft X 110 ft is also proposed to connect the house to the driveway. The walk will curve slightly where required to go around existing shrubs. The Commission asked if the walk would be loose set or mortar set and the applicant indicated loose set. The height of the gates was determined to be no higher than 6 ft. tall. The wire mesh will be 2” X 4” rectangles.

There being no public comments, the public hearing was closed.

Richard Walsh moved to approve application #414 for 56 Keighley Pond Road as presented by Mr. Ritchie, for the installation of wire fencing around the garden and cedar posting not to exceed 5’ exposed, in addition the area to include two arched, bentwood gates not to exceed 6’ tall.  The other component was a 3-feet wide loose-set, used- brick walkway from the rear of the house to the driveway approximately 110’ to include some curves. Motion was seconded by Chris Dart.

James Royster moved to amend the motion to include wire fencing as shown in the application as being 2’ x4’ rectangle steel fencing.  Amended motion was seconded by Richard Walsh.                                       

Commissioners agreed this was a nice approach for the area.
Motion carried 4-0-0
Doug Mackeown was reseated for the meeting.

4. Approval of Minutes and Motions
Doug Mackeown moved to accept the revised minutes of April 24, 2008 with the correction of Fred Hanson and the addition of Stan House attending.  Seconded by Christopher Dart.                                                                                                                                           Motion carried 5-0-0
5. Public Remarks–none.

6. Correspondence.
The Clerk reported monthly expenditures included public notices and the new commissioners name plates.

7. New Business
a.      COA App #415 – Maintenance & Repair for review:  Gerald Peterson, 22 Shipyard Rd., replace the shingle roof with #1 Perfection Cedar Shingles, 5” to weather, replace flashing and gutters where needed using same materials with no charge in external appearance.

The Commissioners discussed the submittal of the application and the details of the materials that will be used to determine if this is maintenance and repair which does not require a COA.

James Royster moved to authorize the Acting Chair Woodcock to address a letter to Mr. Peterson advising him the work that he contemplates does not require a COA from the Commission.  Motion was seconded by Doug Mackeown.                                                                                   
Motion carried 5-0-0
b.      Availability of COA Application & Instructions on Town’s Web Page.
Ms. Woodcock spoke with the town managers office to determine that the MHHDC applications and instructions will be available on the town webpage under the Commissions location as well as under the forms section.

8. Unfinished Business:
a.      Handbook. Initial comments for the draft of the handbook were received from some Commissioners. The Commissioners agreed to schedule a special meeting of the full commission to address the handbook.  Other issues that may need to be considered by the Commission might be included as necessary. Acting Chair Woodcock will coordinate possible meeting dates with vacation schedules.

b.      Lot and Block Listing Update.  Mr. Walsh reported on his work to develop an updated, more legible map of the district and an accurate listing of all properties within the district. An “HD” field designation has been added by the Assessor’s Office so that one can pull a listing by map, lot and block. He is reviewing the listing for accuracy. Mr. Walsh explained creating the map has proven to be challenging because it is a summary of 5 different town maps of different scales and qualities including reductions that obscure detail. Mr. Walsh also indicated he became aware of a GIS project the town is undergoing which might prove useful for this project. Mr. Mackeown suggested contacting the Midstate Regional Planning to determine if access to their maps would aid in the completion of this project. Clarification for the western boundary to the center of the river will also be included.

c.      Discontinue Commission Mailbox at MH Post Office.  In accordance with bylaws, as of May 31st, 2008 the mailbox at the MH Post Office will be discontinued. Residents were reminded that all COA applications or requests for review must be mailed to the Commission at Town Hall, 20 E. High Street, East Hampton CT 06424 rather than hand delivered to any Commission member insuring they are officially stamped with a receipt date.
9.      Public remarks - None

10.     Adjournment The meeting was adjourned at 7:49 PM.

Respectfully Submitted:

Kamey Peterson
Recording Secretary