Town of East Hampton, CT
20 East High Street, East Hampton, CT 06424
October 2010
Parks and Recreation Advisory Board Meeting
Date: Tuesday October 5, 2010
Time: 4:00PM
Parks and Recreation office

Present Board Members:  
Chairperson, Rich Norkun; Vice Chairperson, John Wright; Tim Adams; Daniel Roy; Mark Vickery; Len Heroux
Also present:  Director, Ruth Plummer; Program Coordinator, Shawn Mullen

Call To Order:
Rich Norkun called to order the October 5, 2010 Regular Meeting of the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board to order.  

Approval of the minutes of the September 7, 2010 regular meeting of the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board:
Daniel Roy motioned to approve the minutes of the September 7, 2010 regular meeting of the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board.  Len Heroux seconded.  Approved (5-0-1, John Wright abstained).  

Audience of Citizens
  • Art Marsden, East Hampton Lions Club
Art was not able to attend so Tom Denman spoke in his behalf.  Tom presented a plan to the Advisory Board for a walk way in front of the Picnic Shelter at Sears Park.  This was different from the plan that Art had presented at the last meeting.  Tom Explained the plans and the Advisory Board discussed the plans.  This plan will be on the agenda for the next meeting.  
Tom also presented ideas for a Town-wide skating party at Cranbury Bog, and a proposal for a Dog Park (see Dog Park proposal under New Business).  Tom is working on the details for the town wide skating party.  
  • Keri Nielsen, Environmental Planner
Keri presented a map to the Advisory Board detailing land in East Hampton.  Keri is currently working on another map that will be ready soon that may help illustrate things a little clearer for the Advisory Board.  Keri suggested that everyone check out the GIS website on the Town’s web page.  The Advisory Board discussed town owned land and open space with Keri.  The Advisory Board suggested that Keri be invited back for future meetings.  Keri will keep the Advisory Board up to date on the new map in the mean-time.  
  • Frank Costanzo, Resident
Frank presented the Advisory board with some suggestions and concerns about Sears Park and the lack of a good place to fish from shore.  Frank suggested a peer to fish off of or improvements be made to the existing structure there to provide a better place to fish from.  Frank brought up the fact that Sears Park is the only place that most residents can access the lake and there really should be a good place to fish from.  Rich Norkun explained the Park Master Plan and how it did include a dock that could be used for fishing.  Frank also brought up the Weslyan University sale boats that are currently stored at the park for when Weslyan University practices on the lake.  Frank does not think it’s right that Weslyan is allowed to use the lake and store the boats in the park free of change when residents need to pay a fee to enter the park or launch a boat.  The Advisory Board will discuss these points.  

  • Letter from Ruth Plummer to Bob Drewry regarding the Bill O’Neil Amphitheatre
The letter was discussed and everyone has a copy.  (see unfinished business William O’Neil Amphitheatre).  
  • Proposed Lion’s Club Memorial sketch.  
Everyone has a copy of the sketch, Tom Denman has presented some other ideas that will be discussed. (see audience of citizens, Art Marsden).  

Director’s Report
Ruth Plummer gave her Director’s Report.  Everyone has a copy.  

Unfinished Business
  • Navigation ordinance recommendation update
Nothing further at this time.  
  • Governor William O’Neil Amphitheater update
Tom Cummings and CLA Engineering will be doing the site plan for the Amphitheatre.  Tom has recommended a slightly different plan from the original.  Ruth Plummer will keep the Advisory Board up to date.  
  • Rotary Club interest
Rich Norkun presented a letter from Kenneth Barber on the interest of Rotary Club in working with the Parks and Recreation Department.  The letter was discussed and everyone has a copy.  Ruth Plummer will invite Kenneth Barber to an Advisory Board Meeting.  

New Business.
  • Dog Park proposal
The Lions Club would like the Parks and Recreation Department to consider the possibility of creating a dog park in town.  Tom Denman was in attendance and presented some ideas.  The Advisory Board will discuss this.  
  • Operating Budget
Ruth Plummer presented a copy of the Parks and Recreation Operating Budget.  The budget was discussed and everyone was given a copy.  

Other Concerns
a.   Mark Vickery is concerned about the enrollment numbers for the Parks and Recreation Youth Basketball program.  Mark suggested a large push through school Physical Education classes.  Shawn Mullen will pursue this and update the Advisory Board at the next meeting.  

Committee Reports
  • Recreational Facility
Nothing further at this time.  

Len Heroux motioned to adjourn the October 5, 2010 Regular Meeting of the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board.  Daniel Roy seconded the motion all approved.