Town of East Hampton, CT
20 East High Street, East Hampton, CT 06424
The following shall constitute a completed application:

Check made out to "Town of East Hampton" in the following amount: (effective as of 12/6/03)

        A.      Fees to be in accordance with fee schedule as may be amended (see appendix B)                   B.      When public improvements are required, an additional amount representing three percent                  (3%) of the estimated cost of the public improvements, as determined by the Town                        Engineer and approved by the Commission,        shall be        submitted prior to final approval and           maps being signed.  This amount to be utilized for engineering services to insure that                  improvements are designed and installed in accordance with these regulations.                           Improvements shall include, but not be limited to, improvements to existing roads and                   drainage systems, new roads and drainage systems, sewer systems, water systems, and                     erosion and sedimentation controls.

2.      Ten (10) copies of the subdivision plans complying with Section V of these regulations, as      amended.

3.      A sewage disposal plan must be submitted and approved by the Water Pollution Control Authority  before an application is considered to be complete. A copy of Memorandum of Understanding from  the Water Pollution Control Authority and Town Sanitarian will be filed with the Commission clearly     specifying standards and requirements with regard to public sewer and/or on-site septic systems         for the proposed lots.

4.      Ten (10) copies of Erosion and Sedimentation Control Plan complying with Section IX of these    regulations, as amended.

5.      Five (5) copies of Stormwater Runoff Projections complying with Section VIII of these regulations,      as amended.

6.      Preliminary Layout.
        A.  Consideration of Preliminary Layout – The Commission strongly recommends that the applicant         submit a Preliminary Layout for preliminary discussion.  The Preliminary Layout will be considered      at a regular public meeting of the Commission art which it is on the agenda.  The Commission may        permit persons to be heard and written communications received.

        B.  Effect of Consideration of Preliminary Layout.  The Purpose of the consideration of the     Preliminary Layout is purely to provide preliminary guidance to the applicant, and to identify areas            of concern or further study, so as to minimize delay, expense and inconvenience to the public, the      applicant, and the Commission upon the future receipt, if any, of a formal application for      subdivision.  Neither the applicant nor the Commission shall be in any way bound by any statement       made during such Preliminary Layout consideration, nor shall the statement of any Commission    member be deemed to be an indication of prejudgment or prejudice, it being acknowledged by the   applicant that the Commissions responses, like the request itself, are preliminary and subject to       further change and refinement.  There shall be no vote or other formal action on request for    Preliminary Layout consideration, other than referrals to other municipal, State or Federal agencies    for review and comment if deemed advisable.