Town of East Hampton, CT
20 East High Street, East Hampton, CT 06424
01/25/2010 Brownfields Redevelopment Minutes
Brownfields Redevelopment Agency
Monday, January 25, 2010
7:30  p.m.
Town Hall Meeting Room


Present: Chairman Scott Bristol, Ron Buccilli, Dan Wolfram, Mary Ann Dostaler, Kay Willson. Also Present: Public Works Director Keith  Hayden, Finance Director Jeff Jylkka and Judy Pogmore--Recording Secretary. Absent: Carla Sylvester, Vice-Chairman William DeMore.

  • Call to Order:
        Chairman Scott Bristol called this meeting to order at 7:30 p.m.

  • Adoption of Agenda/Added Agenda Items:
Chairman Bristol requested that two new items be added to the agenda. Under new 6e, a discussion regarding LEP (licensed environmental professional) designation for 13 Watrous. Incentive Housing Zone Information and Presentation to Planning & Zoning would become Item 6f. New Item 6g—Discussion of 11 Skinner Street.

Also, Finance Director Jeff Jylkka’s discussion on Funding Sources and Opportunities (6b) to be discussed after #3, Public Comments, but before #4StaffReports.

MaryAnn Dostaler moved to accept amended agenda. Dan Wolfram seconded. Vote unanimous. Motion passed.

  • Approval of Minutes—November 22, 2009 Meeting:
        Chairman Bristol requested motion to accept minutes. Mary Ann Dostaler approved to accept minutes. Ron Buccilli seconded. Motion passed. Dan Wolfram abstained as he was not at last meeting.

  • Public Comments: None
6b.     Funding Sources & Opportunities—Finance Director:
        Finance Director Jeff Jylkka created listing and outlined various federal and state funding source options available relative to new construction and community redevelopment/cleanup programs for Brownfields Redevelopment, answering any questions derived from this discussion. (Exhibit A attached.)  He further stated one should discuss risk/liability strategies involved and consider retaining an environmental attorney. He suggested we employ creative writing strategies for successful grant funding requests, and identify as many funding sources as early as possible to meet deadlines. Also stated to consider possible state and federal tax credits, town tax deferrals, look at grants, loans and private funding. Chairman Bristol reminded all that the Agency worked to prepare and submit a community-wide assessment grant in October for $200,000.  Notification expected this Spring.

  • Staff Reports: None
  • Liaison Reports: Ron Buccilli will be meeting with EDC in February to discuss business incubators.
  • New Business:
  • 2010-2011 Budget:
                Chairman Bristol stated we have approximately $3,000.00 remaining so far in budget from last year. (June 30th is end of current budget year. Need to plan new budget for 2010-2011, which is due January 28, 2010.) In terms of expenses, from redevelopment perspective, haven’t had monies to do any actual planning.  

                Chairman Bristol expressed desire to expand upon the work that Planimetrics is currently doing.  Mary Ann Dostaler attended “Lets talk East Hampton” community meeting. Town Council and community strongly supported village center redevelopment. If this is seen as a priority, we should move forward, possibly hiring a grant writer to request funding to work with consultants to do planning. Chairman Bristol suggested the Agency request the same amounts of monies for same categories as last year’s budget and add $10,000 to professional services for grant writing. Public Works Director Hayden will prepare the request for Chairman Bristol to take to Town Manager Jeff O’Keefe for discussion.

  • Bylaw Review:
This will be tabled for discussion at next regularly scheduled meeting.

  • AECOM Update—
                i & ii. 13 Watrous & 103 Main & 7a—Grant Budget Status:

                        Dan Wolfram passed out copy of Grant Budget Status (attached as Exhibit B).  Brownfields Special Committee will be talking with AECOM and get a time line together on how we will take corrective measures to stabilize the site (13 Watrous) and then secure with fencing. Need to have EPA approve the plan asap as all monies have to be invoiced by September. There is $210,000 left in grant monies for Gong Bell, 103 Main St. site. Right now work is in progress and there is $5,300. in committed contract fees to consultants. When that is finished we will be left with $205,000, of which we’ll have to add remedial action plan  to remedy a couple other environmental issues. EPA will meet with Public Works Director Keith Hayden and Town Manager Jeff O’Keefe regarding the need for clean-up (excavating) and making a parking lot there. Consultants are in the process of discussing remedial options and costs to be submitted to us soon.  Meeting was held with CLA to lay out what we were hoping to use as solution for the property. We have at least a 30 percent design. AECOM can move forward with the remedial planning and final layout and size of parking lot. Do need to still evaluate drainage and lighting for parking lot, and need survey done for elevations and contours and then, with CLA, Public Works Director Hayden can submit plan to John Bondus of AECOM. Mary Ann Dostaler suggested a grant investigation be done for beautification project for the parking lot that the community could appreciate. Dan Wolfram stated, because of the Watrous situation, the second assessment grant was focused for remedial investigation at Watrous, which utilized  $135,000 of that grant. Also did small investigation for EPOCH Arts so they could get cleanup grant. $64,000 remains in budget, of which $32,000. is committed for AECOM and for interacting with EPA, DEP, remedial costing, or remedial corrective measure that we will probably end up doing for cleanup and  stabilization of property. Chairman Bristol reinforced keeping in mind the total monies spent for assessment money not go over 200,000 on any one site.

e.      LEP for 13 Watrous: Chairman Bristol stated when we originally set up our clean-up grant for Watrous we retained Tighe and Bond as our consultant, with Jim Olson as the licensed environmental professional. When issue of PCB’s came about we had to shift gears and did so at the suggestion of EPA. We had contracted with AECOM already to do various things under the assessment grant #2. We had also awarded the cleanup grant for 103 Main St. to AECOM. We needed to use assessment money from grant #2 to deal with 13 Watrous and AECOM has been doing that work. For last year, Tighe and Bond has technically been our licensed environmental professional for 13 Watrous even though we have been asking AECOM to take on that role.  It should be noted that John Albrecht of AECOM is also the LEP for 13 Watrous and EPOCH Arts. This situation is really unfair to both LEPs.  In order to avoid potential confusion, Chairman Bristol asked the Agency to consider either reinforcing Tighe & Bond as LEP or identifying AECOM as LEP.  Dan Wolfram made a motion to notify DEP of a change of LEP to John Albrecht of AECOM. Mary Ann Dostaler seconded the motion. Vote unanimous. Motion passed.

f.      IHZ Information and Presentation to P&Z: Glen Chalder of Planimetrics had given a presentation on an informational report his firm had prepared for the Planning and Zoning Commission of East Hampton. He has tentatively agreed to meet with us at a special meeting on Monday, February 8, 2010, at 7:30 p.m. and rehash the presentation he gave to Planning and Zoning earlier this month. They are evaluating the village center for incentive housing zone and what could conceptually be a good fit. Chairman Bristol stated it would be helpful for us to hear where they are at and their ideas for IHZ and maybe they could build upon that either with us or with someone else.

g.      11 Skinner Street: The property at 11 Skinner is once again on the market. Current listing is 30,660 square feet with asking price of 1.15 million. Chairman Bristol asked Chris Edge of Connected to Connecticut to attempt to touch base with owner to see if there is any assistance we can offer, as an agency, to assist in the productive reuse the property. He is awaiting word from Chris Edge.

  • Old Business:
  • Grant Budget Status: (Discussed under 6d i. and ii.)
  • Village Center/Connected to CT Meeting: Chris Edge is working on meeting with merchants and/or property owners for sometime in March. Discussion on this topic will ensue at regularly scheduled meeting in March.
  • Public Comments: None.
  • Confirm Next Meeting: Special meeting to be held February 8, 2010 at 7:30 p.m. Our next regularly scheduled meeting will be held on February 22, 2010 at 7:30 p.m. Chairman Bristol will not be able to attend the February 22, 2010 meeting.
  • Adjournment: The meeting adjourned at 9:34 p.m.
Respectfully submitted,

Judith L. Pogmore
Recording Secretary