Town of East Hampton, CT
20 East High Street, East Hampton, CT 06424
10/17/2007 Streetscape Regular Meeting
East Hampton Streetscape Steering Committee
Regular Meeting
October 17, 2007
6:30 PM
East Hampton Town Hall Meeting Room

1. Call to Order Streetscape Steering Committee Chairperson Elizabeth Harris called the meeting to order at 6:42 PM. Other committee members present were Kevin Burnham, Ralph Stoeckle, and Susan Weintraub. Others present: Val Ferro and Heidi Hajna, TPA; Linda Parquette, Connected to Connecticut; Mary Ann Dostaler, EDC; Kathleen Wright, SSC Recorder 2. Approval of Minutes, September 19, 2007 Regular Meeting
Mr. Stoeckle made a motion to approve the minutes of the September 19, 2007 Regular Meeting. Mr. Burnham seconded the motion. The motion carried (4-0-0). (Yes votes: Chairperson Elizabeth Harris, Ralph Stoeckle, and Susan Weintraub. Yes votes: 4. No votes: 0. Abstentions: 0.)
3. Communications and Announcements
• Chair Harris welcomed Ms. Parquette to the meeting. • Ms. Weintraub reported on the historic bell sign. Powder coating, sandblasting, and transportation of the post and frame have been arranged. The sign itself will need to be replaced, and materials more durable than painted wood are recommended. The bell needs to be polished and perhaps lacquered.
4. Presentations by TPA regarding progress and schedule
Ms. Ferro of TPA said she will speak about where we are and what we tried to accomplish, and she will check in on timing. Traffic engineering and data collection in the area proposed for a pedestrian refuge island are being undertaken; vehicle and pedestrian counts will be done, possibly within the next week. TPA is planning a scheduling meeting with ConnDOT. TPA has studied the survey, done the fieldwork, made a schematic plan according to considerations of the concept plan. EDC Chair Dostaler asked about discussions with property owners. Ms. Ferro said the final schematic plan will indicate which properties will be impacted and to what degree; this information will direct dialogue with the affected property owners. Ms. Hajna asked if copies of the survey have been sent and received; they will be sent again. The meeting looked at the schematic plan and corresponding aerial photographs of the project area. Ms. Hajna explained details such as granite curbing, ramps, impact on Town Hall, the pocket park, state property holdings, the green strips, shared driveways, sidewalk widths and ConnDOT's participation. Ms. Ferro said the Town Manager has drafted two kinds of letters to property owners, one to those whose property will not be impacted by the project and another to those whose property will be affected to some extent. The Town Hall pocket park was proposed to include 2 benches, but landscaping might be done as a civic project by a town organization. Mr. Burnham stated that the SSC has already chosen the design for the pocket park, to include one light, one trash bin, and one bench as representative examples of the overall streetscape design vocabulary. There was a discussion of placement of the pocket park; TPA has proposed its location directly in front of the Town Hall building entrance. Mr. Burnham had concerns regarding the dimension of the curb cut for CL&P’s driveway because CL&P will need to maneuver trucks onto Rte. 66; he recommended that TPA contact CL&P. The addition of a lawn strip in front of Town Hall will necessitate moving the two handicap parking spaces currently in the Town Hall front lot and will also reduce the overall amount of Town Hall parking in that location. Ms. Ferro said the best answer is to have shared driveways and improve parking allocations in the back of the building. Ms. Weintraub asked what is recommended for the next step. Ms. Ferro said we will know more soon, and perhaps an RFP can go out in the near future. It was suggested that a map be sent with the letters. EDC Chair Dostaler asked if there can be better signage at the police department entrance. TPA will look into this. TPA will need a logo and will price out such a sign. Ms. Weintraub asked that the sign not be pursued at a loss of funds to other projects. The presentation also covered parking lots, property impact, and safety factors of properties from Governor's Tavern and east to the cemetery. There was a discussion of zoning regulations, some of which may be impractical or outdated. Ms. Weintraub said she is concerned about the safety of handicap access, particularly spaces that require backing out on Route 66. Other discussion topics included the Marlborough sewer impact on the East Hampton project, the Rails to Trails connection and bike access, the uses of Markham Lane, the compliance or noncompliance of various properties.
5. Next Steps Anticipate public meeting
Ms. Ferro said, that after traffic data becomes available, the next steps will be:
·       Flesh out design details
·       Identify property issues
·       Engage with property owners before the holidays, setting a time for one general meeting open to all, and for 5 individual meetings with affected property owners.
·       Bring the SSC and EDC, P & Z and the Dept. of Public Works all together for a meeting to keep all informed. No Town approvals are needed.
Ms. Ferro suggested holding a general public meeting in early December. Ms. Parquette will coordinate outreach to property owners. Those to be invited will be determined. Chair Harris said to clarify that there will be two parts for the process. The first part includes the meeting of Town agencies and the public. The second part will include construction documents, bidding, publishing a calendar, ribbon cutting, and maintenance provisions. Ms. Ferro said a timeline can be enhanced with photo renderings, and computer simulations can be posted. EDC Chair Dostaler said the timeline can be displayed at the library. EDC Chair Dostaler asked for a way-finding sign to the Village Center. There was a discussion of how to send traffic to the Village Center. Ms. Ferro said that the renderings will be ready for the December meeting and may be used for a press release. EDC Chair Dostaler recommended continuing communication with DECD; Chair Harris will contact Brian Dillon at DECD. Plans will be kept at Town Hall to allow public access.
6. Public Comments None
7. Adjournment Mr. Burnham made a motion to adjourn. Mr. Stoeckle seconded the motion. The motion carried (4-0-0). (Yes votes: Chairperson Elizabeth Harris, Kevin Burnham, Ralph Stoeckle, and Susan Weintraub. Yes votes: 4. No votes: 0. Abstentions: 0.)
The meeting was adjourned by Elizabeth Harris at 8:40 PM
Respectfully submitted, Kathleen Wright, Recorder, Nov. 1, 2007