Town of East Hampton, CT
20 East High Street, East Hampton, CT 06424
Senior Tax Freeze Program
Carol Ann Tyler, CCMA I, Assessor
                            Telephone: (860) 267-2510       Fax: (860) 267-1027       e-mail:

The Town of East Hampton Town Council passed an ordinance at their February 10, 2009 meeting that will allow for additional tax relief for certain elderly homeowners.

A recent Connecticut General Statute allows individual Towns to create their own program that would “Freeze” taxes at the current level by deferring any increase until such time that the property is sold or the owner ceases to occupy it as their primary residence.

The new tax relief program is totally voluntary and in order to qualify the homeowner must meet the following criteria:

Homeowner must be at least 70 (seventy) years of age by the previous December 31st  or is the spouse of a person 70 (seventy years of age or older, provided such spouse is domiciled with such person, or 62 (sixty-two years of age or over and the surviving spouse of a taxpayer who, at the time of such taxpayers death had qualified and was entitled to tax relief under this section, provide the surviving spouse was domiciled with such taxpayer at the time of the taxpayers death

Homeowner must have resided in East Hampton for at least 5 (five) years,

Maximum income limits to qualify for the program on the October 1, 2012 Grand List are: for Single individuals $33,500 and for Married couples  $40,900.  These income limits change each year.  The October 1, 2013 income limits have not as yet been set by OPM.

Filing period is February 1st through May 15th and every two years thereafter,

A lien is placed on the land records for any taxes that are deferred  in any given tax year.

Applications are available in the Assessor’s office and can be filed in conjunction with the regular tax relief application. The Freeze Program applicants must refile every other year.  The Assessor will send reminder letters to all applicants that need to file for the October 1, 2013 grand list.